Dear Patients, my office will be closed at 1 July
and from 29 July – 26 August 2019
Costs and Insurance - Reimbursement

I will gladly inform you about prices and reimbursements.

As a private consultant I will issue you a bill at the end of the consultation. Payment can be made via bank card, credit card or in cash. You can apply for partial reimbursement according to the regulations of your insurance.

If you are insured by one of the Austrian public insurance agencies, you will be reimbursed up to 80% of the insurance rate. Many private insurances will fully reimburse you.

I will gladly inform you about costs of other services personally. Please do not hesitate to ask. Please cancel appointments a work day in advance at the latest if you are indisposed, as a no-show may result in a bill of €50.

Bank cards and credit cards are accepted